LINEARTEC is an experienced engineering company.

On behalf of our customers we perform general overhauling and customer service. We maintain machines worldwide from various manufactures.

We possess all state of the art measurement equipment as well as the necessary know how.

MR45 & MR55

MR45 & MR55, accuracy class G1, preload class V3 high (standard)

Custom manufacturing

Give us your configuration and guidance length and we can manufacture within 24h! Shipment ex-works (door to door delivery on request).

Single piece rail length up to 6 m

We are offer guidance rails of all sizes with single piece rail length of up to 6m. This results in simpler mounting, improved accuracy, and prolonged system lifetime.

Trolleys will be delivered with a mounting device, thus allowing easy mounting onto guidance rails.


Machine bed

Delivery of the complete machine axle

Upon request your guidance rails can be delivered as a mountable accessory. This means you will receive a fully tested, correctly positioned/arranged set according to your requirements. Necessary protection will be adjusted to your individual requirements. The necessary work required for the mounting of the equipment is thus limited to alignment of the system to the mounting base structure, connection to the actuation unit, and the input lines for lubrication.

Assembly of the guidance system by our technicians

Upon request the assembly can be conducted by our technician on location. Guidance systems can by supplied directly by our technician up to a maximum length of 2 m.


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M +49 (0) 175 / 162 75 15


SCHNEEBERGER accuracy class G1

RTEmagicC MRW A standard 24RTEmagicC MRW B 17RTEmagicC MRW C 16.jpgRTEmagicC MRW D 16.jpg

MRW-A, MRW-B long, MRW-C, MRW-D long


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